American Standard Sheaves and Bushes

AK, BK bored to size sheaves
AK, BK bored to size sheaves

AK,BK bored to size sheaves range from AK17 – 2AK184 / 2BK24-2BK190 /3BK25-3BK40

QD Sheaves

QD sheaves range from AK30H-3BK190H / 1-3V200 – 12-8V7100 /1B34 -12D580


QD BUSHING range from H – S

Taper bore sheaves
Taper Bore Sheaves

TB SHEAVES range from 1-3V265 – 10-8V5300

Adjustable pulleys (VP)
Variable Pitch Sheaves

Variable pitch sheaves range 1VL & 2VL